Veniam joins forces with TomTom to solve the data bottleneck problem in connected cars

WALNUT, Calif.Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veniam, the market leader in intelligent networking for connected vehicles, is combining its technology with TomTom, the geolocation technology specialist and creator of TomTom IndiGO, to deliver best-in-class connectivity for onboard applications and car manufacturers around the world.

Veniam’s software and cloud services ensure that connected vehicles can make the most out of all available networks such as 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and V2X. This means more and better telemetry data, infotainment content and/or over-the-air software updates at 60% lower cost per GB.

TomTom IndiGO, the world’s first and only open digital cockpit software, offers carmakers, system integrators, software development companies, and content providers, an open and secure environment to develop software and apps, giving carmakers choice, while delivering a delightful and safe in-vehicle experience. The platform expertly unifies all in-vehicle displays through a common user interface that gives passenger and driver access to climate control, the audio system, extensive vehicle systems settings, and the latest apps and services.

Veniam’s new intelligent networking feature enables TomTom IndiGO customers and partners to split data flows and charge separately for each application. For example, instead of billing all data costs to the auto OEM or fleet provider, navigation services providers can now pay for map updates, ADAS companies can pay for sensor data, and infotainment providers can pay for their content transfers – all at a fraction of the cost of cellular data. With rising demands for more and better data driven by consumer applications and AI-based connected services, Veniam’s approach breaks the data networking bottleneck and enables a whole new range of commercial services and business models.

With TomTom IndiGO and Veniam technologies, drivers and passengers will see their user experience improve at a fast pace even after purchasing the vehicle, enjoying new features, maps, and content at an unprecedented rate. Application developers benefit from Veniam’s easy-to-use APIs and cloud services for connection management, data management, security management and policy management.

Joao Barros, CEO and founder of Veniam says: “We are delighted to be joining forces with TomTom for intelligent networking and to provide all TomTom IndiGO partners with simple APIs that allow their applications to make the most out of all the available networks, be it 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, or V2X, as if they were just one. By maximizing quality of service, reducing data costs and enabling separate billing for different applications, the Veniam platform, made available through the IndiGO APIs, gives auto OEMs unprecedented control over data connectivity, while providing drivers and passengers with best-in-class connected experience.”

Paul Hesen, VP Product Management, TomTom added: “TomTom IndiGO is a foundation for carmakers, software developers and content providers to create immersive and evolving cockpit experiences, at less risk, cost and time-to-market than alternative solutions. By introducing Veniam to the TomTom IndiGO partner ecosystem, we are making it easy for our customers and partners to manage and reduce their data spend throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle and focus more on delivering class leading digital experiences to drivers and passengers.”

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