Senior Data Engineer (Porto, Portugal)

About Your Role

As a Senior Data Engineer you will work in close collaboration with Veniam’s Cloud Services Team Manager and Tech Lead on the architecture for data ingestion and processing, as well as on the creation of machine learning models. You and your team will be implementing the production-level data pipelines for both existing Cloud services and upcoming solutions, based on machine learning and AI. You will work closely with the cloud and vehicle software teams to roll out your solutions into production networks. You will also work with Data Scientists in designing the automation models, making experiments, answering questions and testing hypotheses. At Veniam, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools in a creative team of people that keeps pushing the boundaries of their own knowledge.

To succeed in his job, you must love distributed systems, high-performance data pipelines, machine learning, and AI. If you want to be part of a talented team that wants to hear your voice, if fun and work kind of mix together in your head, and if you are thrilled by reading this post, then, this job is for you!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive Data Engineering at Veniam and mentor Data Engineers;
  • Design and create data pipeline architecture and systems according to business needs;
  • Lead the process and solutions for ensuring data availability and quality with reliable access to data for the rest of the company;
  • Develop the process for extraction, transformation, and loading of data into relational and non-relational databases;
  • Coordinate the deployment of decision models in testbeds and production networks;
  • Automate the evaluation and tracking of the performance of decision models in testbeds and production networks;
  • Automate the construction of decision models from data streams, including automating data clean-up and pre-processing;
  • Propose improvements to the architecture of the Veniam Platform.

Technical Requirements

  • Having built data pipelines for processing large amounts of data, either batch or streaming (e.g. using Spark, Storm, Hadoop, Flink);
  • Experience in designing and optimizing SQL and ETL pipelines;
  • Expertise in building machine learning models from large amounts of data and deploying them in production environments;
  • Familiarity with both AWS and on-premise/OpenStack environments;
  • Ability to choose machine learning algorithms and define their implementations when given a problem and a set of constraints;
  • Knowledge on how to run machine learning experiments;
  • Familiarity with Scala, Java and/or Python.

Qualifications and Other Requirements

  • BSEE/CS, MSEE/CS, or PhD;
  • Proven experience in leading teams and making architecture decisions;
  • Background in cloud applications or implementing distributed AI systems;
  • Programming and databases are second nature to you;
  • Thorough and detail-oriented attitude;
  • Interest in learning and sharing knowledge;
  • A team player who likes to have fun.

About Veniam

We are accelerating future mobility and making places more human by delivering intelligent networking software for connected cars and autonomous vehicles. With an IP portfolio of more than 160 patents, Veniam makes the most out of all available networks to move massive amounts of data between vehicles and the cloud, all with the right quality of service and security profiles. Working closely with the world’s largest Auto OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, we aim to improve the lives of millions of people by securely managing the data flows of a new and emerging mobility ecosystem – the Internet of Moving Things – in which connected vehicles not only move people and goods more efficiently but also expand Internet coverage, deliver new human experiences and gather valuable data for smart city applications.

Named by CNBC and NASDAQ as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in the world, Veniam is a global company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California, Engineering Center in Porto, Portugal, and sales offices in Detroit, Munich, and Tokyo.


Porto, Portugal