Real Time Monitoring

  • Connect all your vehicles and enable real time tracking of your fleet.

    Our comprehensive dashboard gives you an in-depth view of all your assets on the road, services being operated and the ability to relive any vehicle’s route history so that you are always on top of what is going on.

Maximum Fleet Productivity

  • Access fleet and vehicle reports that fit your industry, fleet size and operational needs.

    Set up thresholds and receive on time notifications to drive targeted improvements to maximize your team’s success.

    Export and share insights with your organization and fit your IT infrastructure by accessing your data through Veniam’s API.

Safer and Cheaper Operations

  • Reduce fuel consumption and enforce positive safety best practices through insights on driver behaviour.

    Receive timely reports on vehicle diagnostic information to reduce vehicle downtime and drive proactive maintenance habits.


  • Enjoy the simplicity of managed services without worrying about hardware, software, connectivity or IT management
  • Monitor, control and protect your fleet and mobile assets from the cloud in any location, computer or mobile device
  • With HD Data by Veniam™ get more and better actionable data at a fraction of the cost
  • Receive timely warnings of traffic conditions, accidents and other relevant events
  • Gain insight into the status and behavior of your passengers, operators, goods and vehicles with Veniam Advanced Analytics
  • Seamless integration and cost-effective connectivity for CCTV video systems, onboard diagnostics, driver consoles, faring machines, digital ticketing, and onboard screens
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