• Ensure connectivity both inland and on the sea. Overcome dead zones with Veniam’s cutting edge mesh network solution.

    Ensure all your mission critical tools are running over a fast and stable connection with the Veniam Platform.

Real Time

  • Connect all your mobile assets, from tugboats to trucks, to enable real time tracking of your all the moving pieces of your operation.

    Our comprehensive dashboard gives you an in-depth view where all your assets are and what service is being operated so you never miss a beat of your port’s operation.


  • Leverage Veniam analytics platform to optimize your operations by receiving insights on fuel consumption, service times, route patterns and more.

    Make data-driven decisions by combining historical trends with the real time availability of all your assets.


  • Virtually unlimited coverage and connectivity anywhere on site through our self-healing networks
  • Real time positioning tracking of your straddle carriers, terminal tractors, tugboats and more through a comprehensive map view
  • Actionable operational insights for on fleet availability, performance and usage patterns (HD Data by Veniam)
  • Fuel cost reduction from detailed vehicle performance metrics
  • Remote software updates and network management
  • Maintainability of current workflows and processes by integrating Veniam with existing port systems
  • No hidden maintenance costs with Veniam managed services solution
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