Internet on the Move

  • With Veniam Mobile Wi-Fi, transport operators can turn every vehicle into a mobile hotspot and provide high quality wireless connectivity to passengers on the move.

    Deliver an exceptional customer experience while learning more about your passengers interests and demographics with our comprehensive analytics application.

Reduced Data Costs

  • Leverage Veniam’s innovative mesh network technology to offload data into the fixed network with vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X), resulting in double digit reduction in cellular data costs.

    A service fully managed by Veniam means a hassle free experience, with no hidden maintenance fees or additional costs with hardware, software updates or cell data plans.

New Revenue Streams

  • Interact with passengers in a whole different way and unravel additional revenue streams by branding the Wi-Fi experience with a configurable passenger captive portal.

    Take advantage of your fleet’s digital infrastructure to deliver contextual based advertising to thousands of passengers.


  • Provide high-quality Wi-Fi to passengers on the move anywhere
  • Enjoy the simplicity of managed services without worrying about hardware, software, connectivity or IT management
  • Reduce connectivity costs by offloading most of the data through DSRC, with Veniam’s patented mesh network algorithms
  • Gain insight into the profile and route patterns of your passengers as well as powerful Wi-Fi usage information with Veniam advanced analytics
  • Seamless integration and cost-effective connectivity for CCTV video systems, onboard diagnostics, driver consoles, faring machines, digital ticketing, and onboard screens

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