All the network hardware, software, and cloud components you need to deliver reliable services over volatile networks of vehicles and other moving things.


  • Multi-network (DSRC, WiFi, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth)
  • Multi-purpose ( with embedded sensors and wireless mesh connectivity to other sensing devices)
  • Self-configuring and self-healing
  • Automotive grade OBUs
  • Carrier grade APs


  • Advanced mesh networking protocols
  • Software updates over the air
  • Smart connection management
  • Delay-tolerant networking


  • IP Mobility across multiple technologies and networks
  • Self-configuring, cloud-managed network
  • V2X with 10x range of standard Wi-Fi and 100x faster connection setup
  • Cost-effective mobile internet connectivity for people and things


  • Real-time monitoring of networks and fleets
  • HD Data by Veniamâ„¢ to get more and better actionable data
  • Live display and alarms for fleet and city events
  • Historical fleet behavior and tracking
  • Access to advanced analytics and data
  • APIs for easy system integration and data access