Veniam LIVE™ Solutions are finally here!

Offering Managed Services over Networks of Connected Vehicles for your Commercial Fleet, Port Terminal and Smart City

Rui Costa, Director of Product and João Barros, CEO & Founder

The Veniam Team is delighted to present to you our newest product: Veniam LIVE™ solutions. With Veniam LIVE™ your enterprise can now enjoy reliable and easy-to-use managed services over networks of connected vehicles, including a wide range of novel applications for commercial fleets, port terminals and smart cities worldwide.

What is Veniam LIVE™?

Building on more than ten years of R&D leading to Veniam’s award-winning LIVE™ Platform, Veniam LIVE™ Solutions combine the power of mesh connected vehicles, fog computing and the cloud to deliver the key managed services you need to make your vehicle, fleet, industry or city faster, smarter and more valuable.

Today, we announce the first three Veniam LIVE™ Products:

Maximizing the operational efficiency and profitability of your fleet with connected passengers, goods, operators and vehicle systems.

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Boosting port operations and increasing shipping throughout by connecting and controlling all your mobile assets in real-time, both on land and at sea.

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Empowering city services with rich data and smart city apps, while bridging the digital divide through city Wi-Fi for citizens on the move.

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Veniam is presenting Veniam LIVE™ at the Mobile World Congress 2016 from February 22 to 25. Come see our demo at Qualcomm booth located in Hall 3 Stand 3E10 or send an email to live@veniam.com for more information.

What is new about Veniam LIVE™?

With Veniam LIVE™ Solutions you get superior vehicle connectivity and much better data than with conventional cellular only alternatives.

Until now, connected vehicle products suffered from three main problems:

  1. Single-purpose: commercial vehicles are cluttered with multiple gadgets that only have one functionality, such as GPS tracking, tolling or onboard-diagnostics.
  2. Cellular-only: by relying on expensive cellular backhaul conventional solutions are forced to minimize the number of bits sent from the vehicle, thereby reducing the quality and value of their analytics and related applications.
  3. Non-evolving: to add functionality and new services, you are forced to buy new gadgets and replace the old ones for your entire fleet.

Veniam LIVE™ Solutions remove these pains by delivering the following unique features:

  1. Multi-purpose: Veniam’s award-winning NetRider™ onboard unit has both GPS and embedded sensors. Using its integrated cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces, the NetRider™ is able to extract data from the onboard diagnostics (OBD2) port as well as other vehicle systems, including surveillance cameras, driver consoles and faring units.
  2. Multi-network: Veniam LIVE™ Solutions leverage not only on 4G/LTE but also Wi-Fi and DSRC vehicle-to-anything connectivity in the 5.9 GHz band that is reserved for transportation systems and under-utilized in the US, EU and Japan. This allows our vehicle networks to bring a lot more and better data to the cloud at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Upgradeable: All Veniam LIVE™ Solutions include over-the-air software updates from the cloud, which add new valuable features to your business without the need to replace the hardware.
  4. Cloud-Managed Services: With Veniam LIVE™ Solutions you will never have to worry again about hardware, software, SIM cards or cell data plans. For a cost-effective monthly fee per vehicle, your passengers and employees enjoy excellent Wi-Fi, branding and advertising partners have their content delivered to onboard screens and smart phones, and all the data and analytics you need are available when you need them in your own information system or on Veniam’s cloud-based service platform.

What is the technology behind Veniam LIVE™?

Veniam LIVE™ Platform includes all the cutting-edge network hardware, software, and cloud components required to (a) turn vehicles and other moving things into Wi-Fi hotspots, (b) connect to each other and the Internet, and (c) deliver reliable, high-quality managed services for your fleet, port or city.

Featuring vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity, Veniam LIVE is the full-stack platform of choice for DSRC, Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE based V2V safety and smart mobility applications:



  • Multi-network (DSRC, WiFi, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth)
  • Multi-purpose ( with embedded sensors and wireless mesh connectivity to other sensing devices)
  • Self-configuring and self-healing
  • Automotive grade OBUs
  • Carrier grade APs


  • Advanced mesh networking protocols
  • Software updates over the air
  • Smart connection management
  • Delay-tolerant networking


  • IP Mobility across multiple technologies and networks
  • Self-configuring, cloud-managed network
  • V2X with 10x range of standard WiFi and 100x faster connection setup
  • Cost-effective mobile internet connectivity for people and things


  • Real-time monitoring of networks and fleets
  • Live display and alarms for fleet and city events
  • Historical fleet behavior and tracking
  • Access to advanced analytics and HD Data by Veniam
  • APIs for easy system integration and data access

Where can you learn more?

Send an email to live@veniam.com for more information

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